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Books for Parents and Teachers

Professional Development Series:
Current Themes in Gifted Education

Concise series in monograph form to accommodate busy professionals and parents....for:

  • University classes
  • Teacher in-service
  • Parent education

Teens With Talent: Developing the Potential of the Bright, Brighter, Brightest
Ellie Schatz & Nancy Schuster

A guide for raising talented teenagers….helping families make the best decisions for teens.



Smarter Kids: At Home & School
edited by Elinor Katz

Authors have combined years of expertise in gifted education to share practical information with parents and teachers....preschool through high school, private and public school curriculum for gifted students, administrator roles, gifted girls, parent connections – and more.


Affective Education: Self Concept & the Gifted Student 
Elinor Katz

An overview of the development of self concept….models and research studies to help educators and parents develop strategies to enhance children's self esteem and understand the important relationship of self concept to gifted students.


Parent Education: Parents as Partners  
Dorothy Knopper

An overview of parenting gifted children, as well as an understanding of giftedness and its unique characteristics….support and resources for parents as they facilitate the development of their special children.



Parent Education Now Also Available in SPANISH 


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