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Understanding Our Gifted

Guidelines for Writers, 2007

Understanding Our Gifted is a quarterly journal published by Open Space Communications LLC. The readers of this publication are teachers, parents, and counselors of high ability students, in the United States and around the world. Through this publication, we seek to help adults better understand the academic and psychological needs of these students. Specifically, parents are offered insights into the development and characteristics of bright children and techniques for helping to positively support and challenge these children. Teachers are presented with research and perspectives for understanding highly able students in their classrooms as well as tools to provide academically for these students. Above all, we want adults to look at kids as individuals with unique needs that we must try to meet. We seek to explore many different theories and methodologies for understanding and working with gifted students.  

It is not the intent of this publication to be a venue for complaining about things that haven’t worked for bright students; instead, we provide information about what can and does work and empower parents and teachers with information to help gifted children be the best they can be. 

Though many of our writers are affiliated with universities, this is not an academic journal; therefore, we prefer a more relaxed style of writing that is filled with anecdotal information and examples with real “human” elements. We do have space considerations and ask that if references are used they be limited in number, preferably no more than 10. We do not use footnotes. 

Our style is based on:

  • Chicago Manual of Style

  • Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association

A short biography of 2-3 sentences should accompany the article. The writer’s current position should be included.  

TYPES OF ARTICLES: Each issue of Understanding Our Gifted has a theme, which is usually determined at least one year in advance. Potential writers are welcome to request information on upcoming themes. Feature articles run from 2500-3500 words.

A limited number of feature articles unrelated to the theme of a particular issue may be accepted. 

Each issue also includes columns that address practical issues or opinions. These include parenting techniques, classroom ideas, online resources, affective issues, book reviews, etc. These columns vary in length from 600-3000 words.

We are always open to fresh ideas and suggestions and welcome your thoughts and proposals. 

FORMAT: We prefer that manuscripts be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word format, though we can often work with other word processing programs. The manuscript should be double-spaced, with four spaces between paragraphs. Do not indent paragraphs. Use only one space between sentences.  

Type the entire manuscript in a 12-point font, preferably Times New Roman. Though tables and charts are welcome, do not embellish manuscripts with graphics, WordArt, boxes around titles, etc.  

Since Understanding Our Gifted is printed in black and white, graphics and charts must be submitted in black and white. Please submit in a tiff file. If you are unable to submit a tiff or have questions, contact our publication office.  

Each graphic or chart should be sent in a separate document with an easily recognizable name, such as “Table 1” or “Figure 3,” making sure that each graphic has been referenced within the text (e.g., “Insert Figure 1 Here”).   

SUBMISSION: Queries or completed articles are welcome. Unsolicited manuscripts should have a lead time of 6-12 months. Submitted articles should be original to Understanding Our Gifted and not previously published in print, on the web, or in any venue. Manuscripts should be emailed as an attachment to the editor at Material approved for publication may be cut or edited, according to the editor's discretion. Once an article is submitted as final, we cannot accept a rewritten version of that article. 

PAYMENT: Open Space Communications LLC does not offer remuneration to writers of articles published in Understanding Our Gifted. 


Dorothy Knopper, Publisher 
Open Space Communications LLC
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Boulder, CO 80308

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Carol Fertig, Editor

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