Ideal Paint Color for a Small Bathroom

In a house, one of the smallest room is the bathroom. However, as a homeowner, you want to empress your guests and visitors by having a big bathroom. Having a huge bathroom is also a plus if you’re planning to sell your home in the future.

But, can you make a small bathroom appear bigger? The answer is yes. By using the right paint, hiring the right painters Reno NV, and following these tips, you can easily make your small bathroom appear bigger than it is.

Less is More

You should go easily with your decors. Though a piece of artwork or a throw rug is an excellent way to add some color, you should limit the number of items you place inside the bathroom. A small space can appear more cramped and cluttered if there are a lot of decors in it.

Consider the Tone

To keep your small bathroom appear spacious and open, you should use a tone-on-tone palette. The overall appearance of the bathroom will not be broken up by clear breaks on the walls if you stick with colors in the same tone. This helps your room appear bigger.

Paint the Same Color in the Ceiling and Walls

You should try to get rid of the lines between areas in your bathroom as much as possible. If you paint the ceiling and the walls the same color, you can get rid of the break in the space. This offers the illusion of taller walls.

Improve Lighting

To make your bathroom appear bigger, one of the cheapest and easiest ways is to keep your windows clear and clean. The room will appear bigger and be brighter if you allow more natural light inside.

If you don’t have windows in your bathroom, you shouldn’t worry. You can still make your bathroom appear bigger if you use extended light fixtures over the medicine cabinet.

Use a Big Mirror

A big mirror will offer the illusion that your bathroom is bigger than it is. The reason for this is that it reflects more light in the room. You can make your small bathroom appear even bigger if you install one without a frame.

Open the Space Using Paint

Choosing the right color for the bathroom is a cheap and simple way to make it appear bigger. Here are a couple of colors that you should think about:

  • Agreeable Gray – A well-known soft light gray that looks great with white trim and looks extremely neutral.
  • Window Pane – Window pane color has a light blue undertone. It will be excellent in a sunny bathroom since it adds a bit of color to the walls without being overpowering.
  • Veiled Violet – This muted purple is ideal for your small bathroom if you’re looking for some fun on your walls. It is airy and light. It will nicely pair with bright white shelves.
  • Ancient Marble – Ancient marble has a beige color. It’s an ideal paint color for small bathrooms. You can also pair this color with colorful accents.

Dos and Don’ts of Tree Planting

Planting can be both entertaining and beneficial. This is a common belief when you are a first-timer. However, the truth is, sometimes it can also be a bit too demanding and frustrating. Sometimes it just takes a strong wind or one storm to damage what you believe a sturdy plant. There will also be times that infest infestation occurs and you can’t do anything about it. Others may do some DIY methods while others opt to hire professionals like the Tree Removal Houston.

Damage trees can cause damage to your property. you may be left questioning if planting trees and having in your property is advantageous. You’re probably doing it wrong! Here, we provide you some basic dos and dont’s of planting trees:

Do not use garden soil in plant containers

When you want your plants to be healthier, opt to using potting soil. There are three reasons why potting soil is better. First, garden soil shrinks when it dries and it tends to pull away from the container’s sides. Second, garden soil drains poorly in containers. This results in plants being water clogged. Third, garden soil, unlike potting soil, is heavy, making it difficult to move.

Do not make holes that are bigger than the root balls

This is one common practice that needs to be forgotten. When you dig a very deep hole, this will result in the root crown sitting below the ground level. This is very dangerous because it potentially kills your plant/tree. What is recommended to do is to dig holes that are wider than the root ball. This is because roots grow and loosened soil in that direction.

Do not dig until you line up the locator

Avoid creating a possible disaster by calling your locator before digging up. There is a tendency that you will end up digging up the wrong place. Whether it is cable, sewer, phone, cable, or other lines, call your locator first to avoid any damages.

Do not plaint tree wounds

When you do trimming or pruning, avoid putting some pruning paintings and wound dressings. They do not provide any benefits other than its aesthetical view. To make it worse, they can cause plant decay in the area. When your plant has wounds from pruning, let them heal naturally.

Do not fertilize your plants immediately

Sometimes when your plants have yellow leaves and look sickly, we immediately put some fertilizers to keep them healthy. Do not rush into this process. While there is nothing wrong with using fertilizer, especially organic, you might be addressing the problem in the wrong way. Make sure that your plants are not suffering from over-watering. Over-watering drowns your plants. This might be the reason why their leaves be turning yellow.

Do not fertilize after in the middle of July

When you put nitrogen fertilizer, it produces lush new growth that is good during spring and even early summer. However, your plants need a long time to harden off to protect itself from colder weather. Fertilizing after the middle of July may cause harm and damage to your plants.

How to Save Money on Kitchen Remodel?

You want to make sure that the results add value to your home and save you money when you are investing in a kitchen remodeling project. The cost of kitchen remodeling project usually adds up so fast that your budget could suddenly appear like coins in a jar. However, there are always ways to save money no matter how much your budget is.

Here are some of the ways to save money on your kitchen remodel:

  • Upgrade Old Furniture

Take a look around your kitchen and decide if there are outdated or old furniture bringing down the look of the kitchen. Consider painting it, buying new furniture, or even building one your own if so.

  • Be Wise About Countertops

Choosing and buying new countertops is a huge project. However, there are ways to shorten the process. Consider materials that look great but do not come with a high cost if you want new counters but worried about how much the price is. For a budget-friendly kitchen countertop, installing ceramic tile is a good choice.

  • Replace Your Appliances, Faucet, and Sink

Sometimes, the most expensive appliances are not the greatest choice. According to some professionals, midrange appliances are durable, functional, and affordable units that get the job done. Buyers and appraisers rarely value high-end appliances at anything close to their purchase price.

  • Enhance Lighting

Your bathroom and kitchen are two places in your house that you want to ensure you have proper lighting. You can brighten the area by mixing in various styles and choice and layering your lighting for mood setting.

  • Update Your Paint and Cabinets

Refinishing, refacing, or updating the cabinets in your kitchen are all developments that will render your kitchen look greater without spending too much. Kitchen cabinets, as you know, take up much real estate in your kitchen and set the tone for the entire room. A fresh paint coat on both the cabinets and walls will always do the trick.

  • Add Crown Molding

A beautiful decorative element that really increases the total appearance of the kitchen is crown molding. It is even a project that you can do it your own to add value and visual interest to your house. Fortunately, there are a lot of different styles of crown molding to choose from.

  • Strategically Decorate and Display

There is so much you could do to spice up your kitchen when you put in the effort in nicely decorating it. Several designs that are plain, budget-friendly, and simple include adding greenery and fresh flowers, putting up the walls with attractive images, and inserting a colorful rug.

  • Match and Mix

Kitchen remodel do not always have to include top-end features that all look similar. Matching and mixing materials, patterns, designs, and colors will provide your kitchen with a new look without the additional money and trouble it takes to find similar styles.

Another way to save money is to find a company that offers affordable yet best service. Most of them offer free estimates on their websites such as kitchen remodel Sydney.

How to Choose the Right Commercial Painter?

Your commercial establishment or business is very significant to you. That is why you want it to be in the best condition always. You’ve got to hire a professional commercial painting contractor who you know you can count on for quality work if you are having any area of your property painted. Each commercial painter has various techniques, experience, and set of skills. Thus, it is vital that you choose a painter who’ll be able to offer you every particular service you need. Looking for the right commercial painting company can be hard. However, it is also very significant.  

Aside from asking a lot of questions, the key is also to ask the right questions if you are searching for a potential commercial painter to paint your commercial property. Also, it is ideal to get references from each company that you consider. 

Pick the Right Experts 

You’ve got to ensure that they’ve got the right skill set for the tasks that you need to be done when you start to interview commercial painting companies. Also, you have to ensure that the painting contractor has all the specializations and skills that you will require for the task. Else, you might end up having to hire a couple of various contractors.  

Do Rely on Price 

The cost of any task that you want to be done is extremely significant to you as a commercial property or business owner. The ability to offer you a reliable and precise estimate of the cost of the task is one of the most crucial qualities of a commercial painting company. Also, though you do want to ensure that you aren’t overpaying for any services, you also don’t want to just hire the contractor that provides the cheapest estimate.  

You have to keep in mind that the differences in rates are sometimes an indication of the differences in the quality of work and service that you will get. 

Choose Main Candidates 

The internet is the first place that almost every person used to search for any type of information. Of course, if a painter is reliable, they will also have a website. You have to be able to easily look for professional commercial painting contractors online. But, you’ve got to check local directories as well. Furthermore, it is best to ask for suggestions from individuals who have hired commercial painters in the past. Choose a couple of companies and your main candidates. You can then contact each one of them for an interview and estimate.  

Hiring the right commercial painter might take a lot of time. However, every single thing will be worth it in the end. The service that the contractor provides is very significant. It will play a huge role in the first impression that your business makes. Because of this, it is important to follow the steps mentioned to guarantee that you’ll end up hiring the right commercial painter for your project. Hire an inept painting contractor and you’ll end up spending more money. 

How Weeds Can Give So Much Destruction to Your Landscape?

There are times that we don’t like to live in a place with a lot of toxic people as it would not help us to have a good environment for living and we don’t want our kids to have the same attitude when they grow up. It could be totally the same when you are thinking about having your own landscape design Rochester Hills MI as you want to make the best and the most out of it for the reason that it will give you so much happiness and joy especially to the ambiance of the place. One of the reasons why you need to maintain the landscape or the garden you have is due to the increasing population of the weeds there which could cause a lot of damage to the plants and to the roots of the trees.  

Here are some of the destructions that weeds can give your landscape and there are ways to remove them and get away from this kind of problems like what we are going to talk about now below.  


The plants need a lot of supply of food from different sources like the light and the water where it could help them to grow even better like making the leaves green and have the chance to survive under the heat of the sun. There will be so much competition with the nutrients that the plants need in order to grow very well and even to look even healthier to the ground or even to the pot you have there. You need to remember that if they could not get enough supply of the minerals and nutrients then they could not create and produce food to the entire parts of the tree or the plants. At the same time, it would be very hard for the plants to survive as they will be more prone to the different kinds of diseases and to the infestation of the pests around the area.  


The plants could not grow very well as the space would be occupied by the weeds and this is not common to many that weeds and grass could grow even faster and spread all over the area of the ground. So, you need to remove them one by one or during your free time.  


Weeds could bring pests as most of the pests and insects live there and they could adapt easily to the environment and this could cause infestation to the vegetables and flowers you have there.  


It would be very hard to the plants to grow well due to the rigid competition in all aspects.  


You can read and research a lot of ways to get rid of the weeds without spending too much.